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  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    "rejoice always" is a formidable challenge from st paul (letter to the thess.). it occassions our rooting of ourselves to that which can really bring us joy.

    i used to ask recollection participants about their experiences that they call God filled or that which they call dark nights of God's absence. usually tragic ones are cited as experiences of his absence and of course, happy and triumphant experiences are given as experiences of basking in his presence. i always challenge the participants by asking them, "who taught you that our God abandons you during times of trouble?"

    yap the wondrous reality of our God is that he stays with us, always, be it times of turbulence or exultation, times of troubles or safety. for he is fidelity himself and thus is the true root of our joy that can only be always.

    knowing that God abides we can be deeply joyful in hope even amidst feelings of pain or grieving. joy that is not as fleeting as moments of gold or honor. being joyful is not having a smile always on your face, but it is that: even while you are unable to smile you know God is present and he is there for you

    venus fs


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