Day 1, Friday, December 16, 2005

Gospel Reading: John 5:33 - 36

Jesus said, "John was a lamp alight and shining and for a time you were content to enjoy the light he gave. But my testimony is greate than John's: the works my Father has given me to carry out, these same workd of mine testify that the Father has sent me."

Reflection: Our faith is not only meant for us to savor every grace and blessing; the true sign of faith is when we can give ourselves, our lives if need be, so that others can live." How are we preparing for a life of generosity this Christmas?


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    john is a great figure of christian history. we celebrate him for he is one of the martyrs who witness to "the lamb of god." he is the friend of the bridegroom and opts to decrease while the master himself increases. today however, we hear him asking jesus in the voice of his sent disciples, "are you he who is to come or should we wait for another?" (Lk 7, 19ff).

    what is happening here? he used to be so sure about jesus. john as a child in the womb of elizabeth even leapt at the presence of the Lord in the womb of mary (Lk 2). did he not baptize jesus and saw the holy spirit descend like a dove?

    john sends his followers today asking, for he himself cannot approach the master, he is in prison. and now perhaps we begin to understand the circumstances of uncertainty and doubt in the heart of john. yes our towering figure and our strong witness himself today is doubting, and it is not just a doubt that can be taken away by calculation. the doubts need the presence and response of jesus to be pulled out.

    yet are these shortcomings on the part of john taken against him? does he cease to be a figure to be emulated? is he less a martyr because he doubted? no of course not, and here we get a glimpse of the generostiy of god in choosing his witnesses, they are truly not strong in their nature, they need him and he strengthens them.

    yes we can be imperfect and in our needing of jesus we encounter our salvation and our holiness, greatness, martyrdom and life as christian witnesses.

    venus fs


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