Day 6, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2005

Day 6, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2005


Gospel: Lk. 1:39-45

"Blessed is she who believed that the Lord's words to her would be fulfilled."

Reflection: The coming of the Lord is not something sentimental, it is real; a true experience of freedom and triumph. This is because of the power of the Lord in our lives. From the first reading in the book of Zephaniah (3:14-18), it says, "Zion, have no fear, do not let your hands fall limp. The Lord God is in your midst, a victorious warrior. He will exult with joy over you, he will renew you by his Love; he will dance with shouts of joy for you as on a day of festival." And in the gospel, Mary fulfilled the power of God's word by bringing Jesus to us.

Have we experienced this freedom and victory in our lives? How? And have we helped others gain true freedom as well - from the pangs of poverty, corruption, slavery, and sin? Then, Christmas indeed is upon us!


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    physical poverty is something that we, who are more blessed materially, can easily do something about. we can give until it hurts. what is more disheartening and frustrating are the emotional and spiritual poverty we feel around us especially if the 'victims' are people near and dear to us. what makes it worse is if they are not even aware of their internal poverty because they are living the good life as the world dictates what 'the good life' is: money; fame; power; happiness at all cost. selective morality has become the norm. that on judgement day, God will weigh the good deeds we did versus the sins we committed and therefore it is alright to live the way we do. we belong to organizations that fight for the rights of others while we ourselves are violators. we preach family values yet we are adulterers and adulteresses. we speak of honesty, truth, integrity yet we cheat, lie and steal. How do we liberate ourselves from such bondage when we have become too comfortable, very content, when we have lost our sense of sin? Pray tell. What are we to do in a world such as ours?

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Jesus Christ healed the sick and give hope and inspiration to the hopeless.Being a Physiotherapist is a great privilege.For it has enabled me to feel Christ's presence in me and in others.Dealing with the physically challenged on a daily basis requires a lot of hard work,patience,perseverance but more importantly it requires a lot of compassion and love for others and for what you do.People who are in any form of physical pain are suffering.What could be a minute to us could mean an eternity to them.And they become slaves to hopelessness,fear of rejection,feelings of inadequacy among others.they become slaves to their own physical constraints.
    Giving them some form of relief to alleviate them of their suffering,helping them regain back their lost function and making them productive and abled individuals and making a difference in their lives and giving them hope,encouragement,motivation to live with dignity and to improve their quality of life is how I see Christ in me and that is the victory and the triumph I feel when I see the smiles in their faces, the gratitude that I see in their eyes,the hope that I restored in their lives,the faith that I have built in their hearts that to me is taking part in what Christ has done for us.In my own simple way I have brought Christ to others by giving them inspiration,love and compassion and hope but at the same time Christ has made me an instrument to make HIS presence known to others.And I thank GOD our Almighty for this privilege.Thank you Father Lito for this reflection.DEAH

  3. The fulfillment of the word of the Lord doesn't take place only during Christmas. It happens everyday because God's presence is always dynamic and not static. His presence cannot be confined in a particular period of time because He transcends time. This then makes the word of God always relevant because God transcends time. So, for me, papa tolitz, christmas is everyday!


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