Day 8, Friday, Dec. 23, 2005

Gospel: Lk. 1:57 - 66

"What will this child turn out to be?" And indeed the hand of the Lord was upon him.

Reflection: We might not know it, but the first time our parents saw us and embraced us, they were saying, "You are beautiful! I love you." For me that also means, "I shall take care of you. You will be great."

The time the Lord created us, He knew we would be great. He knew our mission. Pray to be like John and let us fulfill the mission entrusted to us by the Lord!


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Dear Father Lito,

    One of my God given gifts is poetry.I oftentimes use poetry to express my thoughts,feelings and moods.Let me just share with you one of the best that I have made.

    This poem was inspired by the birth of my son,RJ who was born April 16,2001.At that time he came out of this world,me and my husband were overwhelmed with joy we both couldn't explain and we were very thankful and grateful to GOD for giving him to us.My husband said to me,"Our son is the best gift you've given me for Father's Day."
    So I made this poem for my husband as a gift to him for Father's Day in reflection to what he felt and expressed when our son was born.
    It goes this way...

    A Father's Love

    You touched me in a flash,
    the minute I heard you cry.
    what a splendid sound
    like a symphony to my ears.

    And the sight of you,
    divine little creature
    your life is a majestic gift
    a masterpiece from up above
    the best I have ever seen.

    You overwhelmed my heart with mirth,
    soared up my spirits so high
    I could almost touch the sky.

    You transformed my being,
    In a way that was never been.
    And my perception
    will never be the same again.

    For no longer will it be
    me but WE,
    No longer I but US.

    My mission is to raise you
    to be a decent human being
    worthy of love and respect.
    Not just to furnish you
    with shelter but to provide
    you with a home.

    To dispense my time,
    with undivided attention.
    to drizzle you with
    unconstrained love and affection.

    To ensure that your dreams
    become mine and your failures
    become mine too.

    But most of all,
    to not just be there
    but to actually be there
    for you.

    when you needed me most
    in anyway and everyway.
    And I will treasure you,
    with my whole being.

    For you are a part of me
    and I a part of you.
    forever it will never be
    the same again,

    For no longer will it be me
    but WE,
    no longer I but US.

    I guess,this poem will somehow say it all.Thank you Father Lito for this reflection.Deah

  2. DEAH,

    THIS IS TRULY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL POEMS I HAVE EVER READ. I could feel the completeness of a mother's love to her newborn. Thank you for this reflection. I urge you to post it at our yahoogroups!

    God bless!


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