On the Road To Emmaus

3rd Sunday of Easter
Cycle B
April 30, 2006

Lk. 24: 35 - 48

"I know the person" is a dangerous phrase, but it can also be a saving phrase. Taken negatively, it's like "Familiarity breeds contempt." When we claim we know the person, what were actually saying is that these are the ways of the person - predictable, we know too well the he will not change. But people do change. Each one of us us is a mystery. That's why from the stage of judging people, we should also have an open frame of mind to accept the mystery in them. People have mysteries, potentialities in them, and that area is reserved for God.

How blessed were the apostles who were walking towards Emmaus for having the virtue of docility. If they continued to wallow in their own conceptions and truth, mankind wouldn't have any Easter experience to be proud of. They wouldn't have recognized him in the breaking of the bread. There would be no resurrection.

We may be the people walking towards our own Emmaus - our created world seemingly enjoyable, but totally empty. Pray that we may return to the upper room with a concrete experience of the Lord, knowing how he works, and be motivated to follow him on his own terms not ours, and committing our whole lives for no other purpose except to love, adore, praise, and serve him for the rest of our lives.

Copyright (c) 2006
Fr. Joselito Jopson
All rights reserved.