Our Generous God

Cycle B
5th Sunday of Easter
Jn. 15: 1 - 8

Isn't God a loving Father? Through his Son, he assures us, "Do not let your hearts be troubled; have faith in God; have faith also in me." In the first reading, when the Christian church was expanding, there was a need to minister to widows, marking the institution of deacons which means "servants". Because God is a loving and merciful Father, caring for us and bringing us life. This is made manifest through the offering of Jesus on the cross for us. Because he loves us.

Then why are we selfish? Altough we do not intend that such would happen, we are becoming too preoccupied with our own survival. Our family comes first before others. Sometimes, we use our family to further enhance our selfishness. Corrupt politicians have their families also. To each his own.

As adopted sons and daughters of the Lord, if we have experienced the overwhelming mercy of God, we don't have any reason to live selfish lives. "The joy of God is man fully alive." Being alive is not reserved only for the few and the priviledged. Survival is not the theme of life. Life is given to all.

Instead of thinking about one's life, why not think about the others for a change. We all belong to one community. All of us have borrowed lives. Our children do not even belong to us. The ones we see begging on the streets are our friends. It may be a long journey but we have to think about how to help them live decent lives. Then we will be able to see how generous God is. But we have to start from ourselves.

Copyright (c) 2006
Fr. Joselito Jopson
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