In the Name of ...

Gospel: Matthew 28, 16-20
Cycle B
Trinity Sunday

The quickest, the simplest, and the most intimate way to have access to God is through the sign of the cross, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

In the name… to start the day "in the name ...", to eat with the family and receive food "in the name ...", to start work, study, and test " ... in the name..." It’s funny how those short words can have the strongest effects and that a day cannot pass by without God in our lives.

... "of the Father" ... as he continues to create the world, he is also creating us still, for he softens our hardened hearts; he molds us "according to His image and likeness". Creation continues as we cooperate with Him in building lives, giving hope to people, creating structures to assist all people, especially the poor, live better lives. With Him on our side, how else could poverty exist?

... "and of the Son"... each moment is a moment of salvation, the moment the Son was incarnated and the world continues to be saved. It is because each day, as the Eucharist is offered, we remember that salvation is possible only because Jesus gave his life for us. The key to life is not receiving it, but in giving it away. We are to die each day for the sake of others and for Him whom we serve.

... "and of the Holy Spirit"... that we know deep in our hearts that all our efforts have not been in vain; that it is not foolish to live simple lives and offer oneself for others; and that our lives will have fullest meaning in love and life, not only with our families, but especially for those whom we do not know; until we realize that all people, whether rich or poor, all of us are one family of God, united in the most Holy Trinity!

Live the life of the Trinity then!

Photo taken from: Monastery of the Holy Trinity

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Fr. Joselito Jopson
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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    The Trinity is like us, people, who are relational in nature... we
    need to relate with each other for man was not made to be alone.. we
    need company, we need our neighbors, and i think, we also need them
    to get to heaven.

    The Trinity is God who loves us , became man like us and sent HIs
    Spirit to be with us forver... Man also has to acknowledge his
    Creator, love as Jesus did and live this love in the Spirit of God so
    that we may become one with God in eternal life.

    My prayer is: May I always be conscious of YOur Presence in me, Oh
    Lord, so that I may be allowed to radiate Your tremendous love to each
    person I encounter each day and bring this person with me to You
    someday. AMEN.


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