Work for Social Transformation!

Work for Social Transformation
July 23, 2006

16 th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gospel: Mark 6: 30 - 34
Cycle B

An old mother in a hospice, an alcoholic struggling alone, a young boy being pressured by his peers, a wife left by her husband, a nation beget with poverty, countries at war – the list of sadness could go on and on unless these are broken by some proactive force.

The gospel today reveals Jesus' compassion for the "lost sheep" of Israel that he spent time being with them and healing them of their illnesses. After two thousand years, the world still lives in torment, loneliness, and sin.

Jesus is still alive and he needs all of us to perform the same exact deeds he did two thousand years ago. If only people would rid themselves of other concerns like their own security and start attending to the needs of the others, we would not be in the same sad state that we have now.

Each is called to a renewal of outlook - not each to his own, but a kind of renewal that is capable of changing social life as well. It is possible if only people would realize the social implications of all actions – that is how culture is born. So if the renewal is on a social level, social change would still be possible.

The social renewal should be focused on the greater good and not just on the self, not just on one’s family, but on the greater family. And more importantly, social transformation toward life should affect the entire nation, and nation to another – working toward peace, justice, equality, life for all, and toward the eradication of poverty. This is what the Lord would have wanted.

We need people who would be examples to their children and prepare them for the future roles in social transformation. Only then can we see how God is working concretely in our lives.


A Prophesy of Hope for the Filipinos

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