Live the Eucharist!

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Gospel: John 6: 51 - 58

As the world has become accustomed to living a life that is far from the spirit of the Lord, it is invited to return and be immersed once more in an on-going, consistent day-to-day spiritual life which is centered on the Eucharist, the only authentic, highest form of spirituality offered to us.

We might also have developed that routinely, meaningless attendance of the Eucharist arising from mere obligation. Some even have skewed practices of being habitually late at mass, of leaving early, or not being disposed properly to attend it. Definitely the Eucharist is much more than all these if we know who is really at work and how we are benefiting from the experience each week.

The Eucharist is the source and apex of Christian life. Everything that we do should start and end with the Eucharist. It is the culmination of all our good intentions, efforts and sacrifices.

Eucharist is the on-going sacrifice of Christ. Do we realize that Christ still suffers for all of us even today? Do we thank Him that soley because of this sacrifice, we and our families continue to live?

The Eucharist is the foretaste of heaven. We should be able to see in the Eucharist the glimpse of all the meanings of our lives. Do we see precisely this in our participation in the Holy Eucharist?

Last but not the least, the Church makes the Eucharist and Eucharist makes the Church. Mass doesn’t become mere attendance but a true experience of the unity of Christians in Christ. We in turn are molded to perfection by the action of Christ in the Eucharist. In the length of time that mankind has existed, our children should have experienced a more intense show of faith passed on by the parents and not experiences of sadness, crimes, and violence because of selfishness and greed.

Love and live the Eucharist.

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