To See the Divine

Feast of the Transfiguration
Cycle B
Gospel: Mark 9:2-10

In the midst of a chaotic world, one just needs to be more sensitive and see how God is present and working in the world today.

The Gospel today is about the transfiguration of Jesus that reveals his radiant glory. The apostles are witnesses to this, but Jesus silenced them until all these, his death and resurrection, had to take place.

The gospel also revealed the voice of God who said, "This is my beloved Son, listen to Him." The event took place in Mt. Tabor, symbolically, a meeting place between God and man.

The gospel has a powerful message for the people of today, most especially to those who are totally absorbed with the worldliness around them.

This is a time to evaluate if in the midst of the material world, we still images of the divine actively working in the world today.

There are a lot of disvalues everywhere. It’s as if there is a choice between materialism and spirituality and that they are equally at par with each other. It’s also time to be more visible is manifesting one’s spirituality and letting others know God’s true place in people’s hearts.

In a family, every child’s faith would come alive only through the visible action of the parents.

The transfiguration hints us to see the divine in ordinary things and how we can be instruments in bringing it out in our daily lives.

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Amidst the chaotic and materialistic world we all live in,we need to keep reminding ourselves that we are a DIVINE piece of God.And to feel undeserving of God's abundance is the same as denying our own spiritual essence.

    However,there are limits to materialistic growth but none to inner peace and enlightenment.

    And therefore,we have to constantly and tirelessly make a conscious effort and decision to do what is right and to look for what is good and pleasing in others.

    We have to develop an attitude of appreciation,rather than discussing the evils and downfalls of the world and offer instead joyful commentary whenever possible.

    In our daily struggles and journey in this real world filled with greed and hatred and materialism,we have to listen to the inner signals that help us make the right choices in whatever we do-regardless of what everyone thinks or feels.

    And lastly,Be grateful for the wonderful gift and opportunity to be able to serve humanity,our planet and most importantly,our GOD.

    That's a lot to be grateful for.God bless!


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