A Heart that belongs only to God

Gospel: Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 3, 2006

Split-level Christianity is how we describe the level of faith that is oriented to both God and the world.

It is like a scene from Godfather I, in which a baby is being carried by Don Corleone (Al Pacino) to be baptized in a church. While the priest solemnly baptizes the child, in another scene and juxtaposed to it, Corleone's men is killing his family's enemies.

We may be saying, "I am a Catholic and I am practicing my faith," but eventually the conduct of our lives will prove whether we really are for the Lord or not.

The ultimate test is what is eventually our hearts' desires, and the Lord can see through this.

Pray then for a proper orientation towards doing God's will instead our own. Ask for a heart that is real and a heart that reaches out to others and to God. Ask for strength to remain faithful to Lord despite the lures of this world.

Ask for a heart that belongs only to God, to love, and to life.

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  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    While travelling this journey of christian life, I have experienced that doing the will of God calls for unity of life and rectitude of intentions.

    I realized that when I strive to do things with the intention of pleasing God, nothing is wasted. On the contrary, when I do things with the desire of pleasing myself or other people,I end up disappointed and broken hearted.

    There were times that I strove for perfection in my work and in the apostolate of the ministry with the desire of proving myself or pleasing either the boss or the pastor. During those occasions I ended up disappointed especially when they favored other person over me. What is worst is it would also affect my working relationship with these people. However, in many occasions that I struggled to perform tasks not because I love doing them or I find them easy but because those are the will of God on that particular moment, God was very generous to give me consolations. God gave me the grace to perform those tasks with cheerfulness and enthusiasm as if I really love what I am doing. People who might see me would not realize that I was actually mortified. During those occasions, I ended up happy believing that I have done my best for the love of God. It does not matter if the efforts are appreciated here on earth because I prefer appreciation from heaven.



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