On Positions and Titles

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Gospel: Mark 9: 30 - 37

A man went inside the office of an ambitious politician who always wants to impress himself on others. He caught him talking on the phone, "Yes, Mr. President, what? Oh yes, yes, I'll do it. Goodbye Mr. President." Then he put down the phone and said to the man, "Oh well, we don't know whom we will talk to next. Even the President needs me." And he proceeded, "What can I do for you?"

The man answered, "I'm called by your secretary to fix and connect your telephone. Is it working?"

Sometimes, names, titles, functions can get into our heads and start corrupting us. We want to be above others and to earn a name for ourselves. But what does it really mean to be on top? Does it also mean a change of ways, of culture, that is way above others as well?

No matter what our positions are, the Lord looks on us equally because all of us share in the same dignity as human beings and as adopted sons and daughters of the Lord. Moreover, he planted his spirit in each and everyone of us and filled us with love. We are in no position that we are above or below anybody else.

Let's then involve ourselves in greater things rather than becoming conscious of accomplishments, positions, or worldly successes. If we want to be rich, let's learn from the poor ones and develop a poverty of spirit that depends on God alone. Let's take the Lord as our model of a real leader who took the path of suffering and death just to gain our redemption. Let's choose to be poor in wordly cares so that we can be rich in love.

Photo courtesy of: biblia.com