Removing the blindness from our eyes and deafness from our ears

Gospel: Mark 7: 31 - 37
Cycle B
23rd Sunday in ordinary time

If there's something really worth venturing into, it's in seeing the world as God sees them.

There's also another saying, "If you want to see the future, look through the eyes of a child."

We all fall short of being able to see and hear things. We may have eyes and ears, but we have not gone beyond what we normally see and hear. That's why many people fall short of living a full life by seeing only the lure of physical wealth and not being able to see beyond it.

In spiritual life, we also fall miserably short of seeing God and his real beauty. We limit our spirituality to asking him for blessings and thanking him if we receive them. We limit Christian life to just doing good and avoiding evil. But we are afraid to give ourselves totally to him thinking that we would lose the comforts that we have. But just look at the sad situation of greed and poverty around us and would know the results of our own shortsightedness.

We need to see beyond things. We need to see and hear as God does. We need to recognize that we have been blind and deaf and mute despite our having one. We need to acknowledge the Lord's good intentions and the power of his will to transform our lives completely. And most of all, we need to move and do things as God does them, so that more of his children would live and not just ourselves. I tell you, they’re worth much more than anything in the world if we give ourselves totally in service to him.

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