Who is your idol?

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Reading: MARK 10 : 35 - 45

Language of Media tells us that the usual conventions and icons we see on TV and film have some correlation with the historical cntext of the place. In other words, the characters become social symbols and the storyline influences the psyche of a particular community or country.

Whether a particular character is a worthy person or not, his media exposure causes an influence on the attitudes and values of a person.

If the main character is a drunkard or a criminal and further sensationalized by media, he becomes the icon of the people.

That is why we have to be careful in choosing our icons.

In the world of faith, our Icon, main character is waiting for us constnatly. He is Jesus.

We should emulate him in every way and not the false icons. Only Jesus influences us for good. Only Jesus can lead us to the Father. Only Jesus can make our commitment strong enough so we can withstand all difficulties.

If there is somebody whom we should emulate, it is Jesus.

Photo courtesy of: unf.edu