The end times

33rd Sunday
cycle B

Throughout the scriptures and in salvation history, the Second Coming of the Lord is always the ultimate moment every Christian is waiting for. As St. Paul would describe it, all Christians would gather in the heavens and meet the Lord with great joy.

Unfortunately, for others, they dread this moment and fear its coming. Others just brush it aside because it's still far off. This is not in any way the spirit of the scripture texts and the reality of salvation. Perhaps people are so preoccupied with building mansions, kingdoms and legacies in this world as though it would last forever. But the kingdom of the Lord "on earth as it is in heaven" is pushed till that "last moment".

Kingdom of heaven is an "already but not yet"; right here and now in our midst but also something to yearn for; it is a kingdom of justice, peace, and joy. It is a world where we are all centered on Him and his blesses us and our work. It is much more than all the earthly kingdoms we've been building for ourselves and others. When it comes, we shall not desire for anything anymore.

Feel the excitement then of being with the Lord; desire to see Him; join Him in his work. Love him above all others. And when he comes, welcome Him with open arms. Give him a gift, not shame but love.

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