The Law of Love

31st Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle B

"Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself."

Not only this law is for the Jewish, it's also for us Christians. But mainly, for every person of goodwill that the law of love applies.

It's a wonder how in the early days in the history of mankind the law that points out to love could be spelled out as clearly as could be. We shout have attained maturity in dealing with others by now. Nations should have regarded other nations by now. Secondly, the law points to the source of love who is God, and we the created are called to follow our Creator.

In this generation today, we see a deterioration of humanely acts and acts which spring out from authentic love. Wars, selfishness and greed - despite the advancement in technology, the world is going back to the age of barbarism.

Pray to follow the ways of the Lord in the path of true love. Follow the path that Jesus took, the one that leads us to salvation and grants us our hearts back. Pray to translate this law into the law of every land, and one that governs peoples and nations. A sign that poverty, violence and sin will decrease is when all are imbued with God's love and live it out concretely in our lives.

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