Joyful expectations

3RD Sunday of Advent
cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 3: 10-18

As the third candle of the advent wreath is lit, we are reminded of how close the Lord is to us and how joyful we would be in meeting Him.

John the Baptist was also filled with joy as he announced the coming of the Messiah. But his approach was different. He did not focus on himself, on how good his words were, and how he could deliver a message of hope.

Rather, he immediately translated hope into action: to demand for payment other than what is required, to give one's tunic, not to extort anyone ... all these are signs of hope, especially for those who think that life is filled with despair.

The greatest teaching of John was to introduce Jesus as the Messiah, the transmitter of the Holy Spirit. This self-oblation puts Jesus at the center of things and not John. This act makes more concrete the work of salvation.

Again, we pray to be like John the Baptist on the road to helping others on the road to salvation. The most wonderful experience of Christmas is when a people, submerged in poverty and sin, would start moving on the road to healing and salvation just because they pave the way for the coming of the Lord.

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