One Voice

Second Week of Advent
Cycle C
Gospel: Luke 3: 1 - 6

You must have heard the song, "One voice"singing in the darkness; all it takes is one voice, singing so they'll what's on your mind and when you look around you'll find there's more than one voice ...

Mass media like television and print and even public opinion are capable of projecting a message claiming that it is shared by all - that everyone buys this and that product, that people want charter change, that money, vice, luxury, and power are the most important things today.

Yet there are those who in the silence of their lives know it is not so, those whose lives reflect a committed faithfulness to God, to life, and to values. If only more of these people would be heard, then consumerist motives of mass media would be silenced, self-centered politicians included. Then we would know we are not alone in the quest of doing good and living in the truth.

All it takes is one voice - a single voice like John the Baptist to know that salvation has been here all along, that is it possible to be faithful, to live in values, and to heal wounds. We just need to hear more, and find others singing the same tune that gives light, life, and hope.

Volunteer to be that voice this coming Christmas. Be a catalyst; move against the flow; let the single voice of truth be heard. Don't worry; it's not our voice that is being heard; it's Gods. Especially if your words bring freedom and healing; surely, it would be like Jesus healing us all over again!

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