The curse of pessimism

4th Sunday
cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 4: 21 - 30

There was once a man who went to a psychiatrist to be treated of his depression.

The doctor said, "Go out and enjoy new places!" The patient just said, "No use, I might have an accident."

The doctor said, "Then make your life at home fruitful. Go plant a tree." The patient said, "It's just hard work."

The doctor said, "Then make your house bright. Open all windows and re-decorate your house." The patient said, "But no one visits me."

The doctor became angry that he forced the patient to go with him to a cemetery. "Why did you take me here?" the man asked.

The doctor said, "You don't have any difference with these dead people except that you are alive. If you continue with this attitude, you'll end up one of them sooner than you think."

The Lord is always offering us life. It's us who don't accept him. It's us who are engulfed with our problems that we don't turn to him.

Pray to be a positive person in the Lord.

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