Are you a Christian?

7 th Sunday
Gospel: LUKE 6 : 27 - 38

Catholicism is the easiest of all religions. It doesn't impose too harsh regulations and leaves everything to the freedom and generosity of the person. The tithes are voluntary; any amount dropped at the collection basket will do. There's no police. There's not too much discipline follow-up, or checking of attendance and performance.

But these are not the signs of a true Catholic. For in the real Catholic, he should be able to follow the Lord unconditionally through the path of the cross.

Actually, it is the hardest of all religions. Its regulations affect the core of one's being; even in the level of thought one can sin against the Lord. It asks to forgive ones enemies and pray for those who persecute the person. The person is confronted to sell everything he owns and to follow Jesus.

On the other hand, the rules written in the hearts of people might have a deeper sense. Why? Not only because they are better alternatives; rather, they reflect the very heart of God who cares for all his children, humankind itself. He wants everyone to live, not just a chosen few. Go through the text again and you will see how life is being propagated and lived.

The sense of being a Christian lies in self - offering to the Lord. Imagine how beautiful this world would be if all people live its precepts. There wouldn't be any form of death, only life.

Photo courtesy of: Catholic Youth Foundation