Heaven on earth

2nd Sunday of Lent
cycle C

"Bad news is good news in media" because it spells profit for the owners and producers and media mileage for others.

But sometimes we are truly affected, like "Is this the only news?" It sometimes gets into our system as a people and as a nation that we cannot do anything right.

How can we take a positive outlook in life when we are already resolved to doing what is evil in the world?

The apostles saw the transformation of Jesus Christ from mere human being to somebody divine. Have we seen the divine in the midst of our humanity?

Lenten season is an invitation to us to look beyond our humanity and our sufferings see what lies beyond them - the presence of Christ who sanctifies all human actions and lifts them up to the Father. The end result is our salvation.

If we can see God's action rather than the frailties of men and women, then we would truly experience heaven here on earth.

picture courtesy of: http://conservation.catholic.org/catech13.jpg