True poverty

6 th Sunday
Gospel: Lk. 6: 27, 20 -26

The story of St. Bernadette is inspiring especially for those who are experiencing hardships. She came from a poor family but the Lady appeared to her and strengthened her faith.

She was sickly, but she brought healing to others through the water from the cave.

She died of sickness, but to this date her body was incorruptible.

She was poor, but she is the richest of all. Her wealth is Jesus himself.

This is the true gift of poverty that the Lord promises in the beatitudes.

Poverty in spirit will make us aware the we don't own this world, but we are its stewards. Poverty will tell us to be available to others and to care for others and not ourselves. Poverty will tell us to cling on to God.

Photo courtesy of: Lourdes Rosary Shrine