Believe, do not doubt

Doubt sees obstacles, faith, the way
Doubt sees the darkest night, faith, the day
Doubt dreads to take the first step, faith, by strides
Doubt asks who believes? Faith says, I do.

Reflecting on the story of the doubting Thomas, we realize that the gospel is intended for us who haven't seen Jesus but are invited to believe.

Learn also from the following quotes:

"Faith is to believe what we do not see; the reward is seeing what we believe."
"Faith will not get us what we want, but what God wants of us. "
"Faith sees the invisible, the incredible, and the impossible."
"The world does not believe because they can’t believe that believers believe."
"Little faith brings a soul to heaven, but great faith sees heaven into the soul. "
"Faith is putting God between us and our circumstance."