11th Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle C

Jesus' teachings on forgiveness are just inexhaustible. The parable of the prodigal son, the lost sheep, the number of times one should forgive - every parable and teaching points out to one unescapable reality - the necessity of forgiving.

Our inability to forgive seemed to be a natural consequence of our humanity. We want to get even, we want vengeance. Even our concept of justice points to getting even. But nowhere in Jesus' teachings can we find these limitations.

Jesus stressed in today's gospel a necessary component for forgiveness - love, "Because she has loved much." Love surpasses all hurts and all desires for vengeance. Love heals wounds, turns stony hearts to human hearts. Love enables one to see the reality of the other person not as a nemesis but a person needing to be healed. With love we can see another perspective to the issue of sin man commits against another.

If we find it hard to forgive, try injecting a dose of love, God's love. Then we shall see how to deal with the other, not vengeance, not hatred, but in love.

Love is the only key to forgiveness. Through love, our perspective about another person changes. Through love, we can see the other as Jesus does - someone who is subject to salvation and healing.