Enter through the narrow door

21th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 13: 24 - 30
Photo courtesy of David Morrison

Through the centuries Catholics have developed preconceived notions of the faith; unfortunately they pass it on to the children and the next generation. These notions are solidified in terms such as "the Sunday Catholics" or those who think that Catholicism is just attending Sunday masses; "the nominal Catholics" or those who think that they are Catholics only by name, but not by word and deed; And like the "fallen angels", we have the "fallen Catholics" who abandon their faith altogether in exchange for another or simply none at all.

The Church has taught time and again that these notions, however popularly practiced, do not constitute what is "Catholic" or "Christian". On the contrary, the demands are high, as high as leaving everything behind to follow the Lord or taking up your cross and follow Him. It is as costly as God humbling himself and embracing our humble nature and eventually dying in the process. Why then are we doing so little while investing so much with things that will last?

We are badly mistaken about the laxity of our outlook on faith. It is not a picture Christ had in his mind. For Him, it consists of "entering through the narrow door" of trials and painful struggles, but with the vision of the eternal reward of being with the Lord and experiencing bliss in heaven together with our loved ones and all Christians.

Instead of being Sunday Catholics, let us be "Everyday Catholics", from the rising of the sun to its setting, that we praise the Lord endlessly;

instead of being nominal Catholics, I suggest that we become "Real Catholics", totally conscious about thinking of Christ, speaking Christ, and living out Christ;

Finally, let us shift from being fallen Catholics to "Resurrected Catholics", bonded together, fired up in the Spirit, and untiringly preparing the path to heaven for the next generation to follow, even if it means offering our lives.