We are the stewards of the Lord

19 Sunday
Cycle C
Reading: Lk. 12: 32-48
Photo courtesy of: Blogcorner preacher

St. Ignatius of Loyola, in his Spiritual Exercises, presents a parable of three pairs of men who were given what might amount today as one million dollars each. All these men are devoted to the Lord and want to serve Him.

The first pair wanted to serve the Lord and promised to offer the money to Him, but ended up not doing anything about it.

The second pair wanted to serve and please the Lord and would want to get rid of the money, but they don't decide to leave it in order to go to God.

The third pair wanted to serve and please no other than the Lord, would want to get rid of the money, and force themselves not to like it, but only to use the money or leave the money in accord with God's will.

Which of these three symbolize your present situation as regards your outlook on material things and God in your life?

Jesus in the gospel says to "sell your possessions and give alms. Give your purses that do not wear out; treasures that will not fail."

The real treasure is a life oriented toward the Lord. Material treasures also have their proper place in God's world. From the perspective of faith, we don't "own" material treasures; we are in fact "stewards" of these treasures. We use them as God wants us to use them. We use gifts to lead people to the Lord. We use everything in us to please and to glorfify God.

If people are oriented to letting go instead of holding on, use and not abuse, and giving and not receiving treasures, then these would serve their real purpose - to make all people alive.