Lesson on humility

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time
Cycle C
Gospel Reading: Luke 14: 1, 7 - 14
photo courtesy of: Crossroadsinitiative.com

Next to forgiveness, humility might be the next virtue that's hard to live out, considering that the trend of the this world is toward getting oneself on top of others.

Jesus stressed that "those who exult themselves will be humbled, while those who are humble shall be exalted." It is brought about the example of his own life by when he took our humble nature and subjected himself to rejection, suffering, and death on the cross. But all these brought about our salvation.

Now he gives us an example. One does not change the world by comfortably sitting and lording it over others. On the contrary, by taking the form a slave and doing the will of the Father, one pleases Him by putting oneself at the service of the others.

According to John Ruskin, the first test of a truly great man is his humility. If only every man and woman would not be concerned with his stature; instead be more concerned with valuing others and the Lord, then the world would be a nicer and more humane place to live in.