Recover what we've lost

24th Sunday in ordinary time

Cycle C,
Gospel reading: Lk. 15, 1 - 32,
Photo coutesy of: Poor Clares Colettine Community

Have you felt real, unexplainable joy on something or someone that you lost?

The gospel helps us to feel the same joy in finding after losing, in living after dying, and in being with God after losing Him through sin.

Let us recall what we have lost recently apart from people and things: first, we have lost our dignity as moral persons when we succumb to lesser values and earthly pleasures instead of the ones above; we have lost our self-respect when we please ourselves and not others; we have lost God by putting ourselves as the center of our lives.

Therefore, let’s find ourselves again. Dream of a life filled rich in moral, material, and spiritual treasures. Make an honest inventory of how much life is lost simply because we’ve been insensitive and narrow-minded. Slowly but surely, let us start picking up the pieces and start recovering what we’ve lost. Let us help in building lives not only for ourselves and our families, but of our neighbors who are suffering.

Let us see the Lord’s gentle and assuring presence in the midst of all these, and after a fruitful life, please Him and give Him praise!