Is it easy to live as a Christian in today's world?

33rd Sunday in Ordinary time, cycle C
Gospel: LUKE 21 : 5 - 19

Though it seems that this is an easy question to answer, it's actually hard in truth and in fact. History will tell us that there wasn't a time when the Christian's path is smooth-sailing. Martyrs were born, the Church was subjected to political powers, secularist philosophies and materialist lifestyles. If the Master himself was subjected to every form of humiliation, then why are we choosing to live an easy life?

Living Christian lives is a really hard act to do. We may not be the martyrs who were killed in the Roman coliseum, yet everyday, our faith is tested whether we still find it as relevant as the economic survival of our families.

If in our hearts, there is none except to yearn for Christ, his teachings, and his love, then we are on the right path in our journey through life. Would we still dare call ourselves Christians? Then check if:

1. we are willing to espouse poverty and simplicity, knowing that the real treasure is in heaven;
2. we are willing to espouse purity of heart, possessing the spirituality of celibacy or single mindedness for God instead of being preoccupied with various earthly concerns;
3. we are giving up everything we want for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, to obey the Master's will, and to discern His glorious presence in daily life.

If we strive to do all these, we give witness to the real spirit of the gospel. Time will come when in the face of persecution, He will give us the "words and the wisdom that none of the opponents will be able to withstand or contradict".