A Christmas well-observed

Christmas Day,
Cycle A,
Gospel: John 1: 1 - 18

The essence of Christmas is when we become the symbols of Christ and transformed according to His likeness with something that is lasting and not fleeting as the Christmas decorations, gifts, and food. How do we make this commitment to be transformed according to the image of the Christ Child?

First, it means to recognize that Christ joined our world, not for anything else except to be with us. When I was ordained a priest, I knew that God didn’t remove me from my woundedness; I knew that I was still the same person before and after I was ordained. But I knew that in this journey of the priesthood, He is with me and I am with Him; and it’s the only thing that matters.

Second, Jesus shared nothing else except love and only Love. By this, we are transformed and molded by Him who loves us. He heals us, forgives us, and gives us a chance to grow. Through Him, we rid ourselves of our selfish intentions each day.

Third, He enables us to share the same love to others, to touch others and heal them, and to bring Him to others. It is the triumph of love when the whole world is transformed, when each of us knows what to do and peace and justice abound as a consequence of all our actions; when all of humankind becomes one family united in love and everyone gives and receives life. This is the fruit of a Christmas well-observed.

God bless us this Christmas and the New Year!