Yearning for something new

First Sunday of Advent Cycle A Gospel: MATTHEW 24 : 36 - 44 ( NRSV )

Is there something to look forward to this Christmas?

Judging from the scheme of things, they seem the same - prices increasing, people committing crimes, bad news in newspapers - the same old things seemingly on and on and man is no better than he was in the past.

But Jesus changed all these. He put an end to the old world and replaced a new world right in the hearts of men and women. He told us in the gospel that this world would end and He would come to rule us forever. And His kingdom will be a kingdom of love, peace, and justice.

Actually, for those who are living the old lifestyle, they are slowly dying. But for those who committed themselves to Christ in the past would enjoy the fruits of real life in the future.

Can you feel the new world coming? Can you grasp it from within and without? Is the whole family in that new world? Is Jesus the king of your new world? Do you see the poor having life in your world?

Let the passage to Christmas be a time to put the old world aside and yearn for the new one. MARANATHA, come Lord Jesus!