The Path of Love

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle A
Gospel: Mat. 14: 12-23

Photo courtesy of : Catholic diocese of Cairns

It could be very significant that when Jesus started his public life, he lived in Capernaum, then called on his disciples, and he served as light to others. He started fulfilling the mission entrusted to him by our Lord.

We too have our mission to fulfill; however, some of them need to be purified until we could see very clearly what is in front of us.

Just realize that from the very start God has a special role for creating us, not a grandeur role in this world, but to love us. Our mission is just to recognize a loving God who is taking care of us.

The second mission is that we are all meant for heaven, to be with Him; no more, no less. It is not the point whether he knows where we are headed, we are always headed for heaven. The only thing is we are fond of side-tripping, enjoying the scenery and getting lost in the process.

The third mission is that we love. He poured so much love upon us, but we are giving so little to Him. If we only know what true loving entails. Blessed Therese would say, "There's a saying that goes, 'Love till it hurts.' But I would say 'Love till the hurt is gone.'" Pushed to the limit we would know the world in which God dwells; a world not only we are the ones living, but others as well.

Each particular mission can go from here - some teachers, others healers, others administrators. But we also possess that loving heart for God and others. We would also see heaven and earth meet. Then we would understanding how Jesus lived in this world fruitfully, through the path of love.