Rekindle your spiritual history!

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle A
Gospel: John 1: 29-34;
Photo courtesy of the Diocese of Gallup

How many of us recount our spiritual histories? Probably, right from the very start, when we don't celebrate the day of our baptism but we hold a feast during our birthdays, we wouldn't remember any time God intervened in our lives except when we got seriously ill or when we were asking for serious favors from the Lord.

But we have our own spiritual histories. Placed side by side with all of our experiences is the hand of God inspiring us and touching us so that we could detect His loving presence all along. All the people we have encountered, starting with our parents and family members, are all mirrors of God, our best friends, our classmates, even our enemies show God's presence.

What is your spiritual history starting for the time you were born? Search for it. For it is invisible; we don’t see God face to face. We need to develop an other-worldly perception. We simply call it "faith."

There is another gift we need to really see God's hand in our lives. This is what Pope Benedict said in his latest encyclical, Spe Salvi, we are given this gift, but we have taken it for granted. But the Lord doesn’t remove this gift, it is still with us. It is known as hope. It enables us to aim for our ultimate destinate and not to be led astray by the lures of this world.

Finally, we need a boost in our spirituality. Walk through the path of love. We can give without love. But we cannot love without giving. Love is to respond to the loving presence of the Lord, the ability to express our thanks to Him who continues to dwell within us even though sometimes we walk astray. But let us commit now to follow Him more closely. Life our life's journey become a spiritual journey leading us and those we touch to the Father!