Can you see God?

2nd Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

Life is a series of risks. But there is also what we know as calculated risks. In investment, we can't move forward unless we risk. In risking, we have to make thorough research and initial judgments. Then we adjust as we move along. We need to maintain an open mind as see where we are going and if our risks are paying off.

Risks happen even in relationships. We cannot forever remain in our shells; we have to risk giving ourselves to others. Let us not lose the opportunity of getting to know others.

Applied to religion, we risk giving ourselves to doing God's work. If we make initial judgements and not participate in Church activities, we might see the fruits of real service; we'll end up selfish and greedy while others languish in poverty. We may eventually lose sight of the One who calls us to a life of service - God Himself.

Today, Jesus was transfigured in the mountain of Tabor. Never did it cross the minds of Peter, James, and John, that Jesus would be transformed, with clothes as bright as the sun, and be counted as one among the revered in Jewish history. Out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary, Jesus as the Messiah, the Holy one of God.

How many have lost opportunities for consider things? How many have turned to greet because they fail to see what is "extraordinary"? Pray to see the light. Pray to see God right in the people you see, even the insignificant.


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    If we are to believe that God is our creator and He alone is the source of all life,then it would be impossible not to see God.

    Our faith dictates that God is everywhere.We see His presence in us and in others for we are made in His own image and likeness.We likewise feel His presence in all His creations be it in the air that we breath,the sun that give us light,the water that give us life,and the list goes on.

    Our life from its conception up to its end is a risk.It is the sum total of all the chances,changes,growth that we have gone through.In order to grow we have to go through a series of transformation.The tragedy of life lies not on not reaching our goals but mainly on not having any goals to reach.He who never falls,never climbs.And the greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

    The question is,do we really translate what we believe in our daily life by serving others for God's ultimate glory?The answer lies on the final judgement,when God ultimately decides whether we have done our part well or not.



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