From darkness to light

4th Sunday of Lent
Cycle C
Photo courtesy of Vision Vocation Guide

The gospel presented to us today is about the contrast between sight and blindness. The man cured by Jesus from blindness could now see while the Pharisees who were supposed to see the religious reality are actually blind.

We have physical eyes, but we also have the eyes of faith. Haven't we learned from the book The Little Prince? What is essential is invisible to the eyes. So let us reflect what seeing with the eyes of faith means.

It means seeing beyond what we actually see. Instead of admiring what we can see now, like the beauty of flowers and trees and the flowers, pay tribute to the source of beauty of it all, the God who created all of creation. Whenever we see these, we should see God who cares for us and created this beautiful world for our enjoyment.

Secondly, seeing through the eyes faith means that we respond also in faith. We utilize our whole being to respond to God's call; not just in attending Sunday masses but in every opportunity of life. Authentic faith in Jesus is not in compromising His values for lesser ones, but in committing to remain faithful to Him until He comes again.

Thus the reward is great for those who truly see. There is total freedom in God.