We're never done

3rd Sunday of Lent
Cycle A
Photo courtesy of: Christian Theological Seminary

The Lenten season should enable us to reflect deeply on the quality of our faith, on how it is progressing. That's why we have to celebrate it each year, so we would be transformed, our hearts purified to see Christ.

The problem lies when we opt to stay in our own selfish worlds and not progress in our faith. What an ironical situation when we want to progress materially, make ourselves richer and more famous, but actually remain poor inside. We need to open our hearts and ask for that conversion before we actually think that God is not important in our lives, only money.

The story of the Samaritan woman and Jesus is a classic example of this apathy to faith. The Samaritan woman, set in her ways, was ostracized by society, was content by just walking by the well when no one else comes, because they knew who she was. But Jesus in his loving concern for the woman, talked to her and guided her to experience God's love for her. Eventually, she recognized that the one she's talking to wasn't an ordinary human being. she was talking to Jesus the Messiah.

We are never done in this world. The Lord is always calling us to himself. He never allowed us to stay in our sinful state. We should not be content with not receiving communion just because we are in the state of mortal sin because we are not married. Or when we feel that God abandoned us and we opt to live in our darkness, it is not true. Our hearts will always yearn to live in the light. Respond to God then.