Christ's Body and His presence in the world

Feast of Corpus Christi
Cycle A
Photo courtesy of St. John the Apostle Parish, Australia

Let us honor this day our Lord in his body and blood, the sure sign of God's presence in the world and by which we, the Church, are molded to become the body of Christ.

Jesus unites us with the Father and makes the ultimate offering on our behalf. Every Eucharist that is celebrated throughout the world everyday at every moment is a reminder that Jesus till today makes the supreme sacrifice to save us and sanctify us.

Second point is the Jesus' body is present in his Church, the body of Christ. This will be realized if all Christians work for unity, sharing in its resources to enrich the Christian family, and reach out to all people. Communion applies to all of us who are called not to be selective of people but to take up the responsibility to carry each other and lead one another to the Lord through forgiveness and service.

Finally Jesus is present in the body of the poor who are always victims of injustices and neglect. The poor around is always a reminder of our role to uplift everyone's lives and lead us to a life of goodness, peace and plenty.