On compromising

12th Sunday in ordinary time
cycle A
Photo courtesy of birdstamps.org

Filipinos abroad are well-known for being honest, industrious, and excellent in their line of work. Unfortunately, it is not so in our own homeland where a lot of things are compromised - government service is compromised in favor of graft and corruption; even down to the level of the barangay, corruption is tolerated or ignored. Married and family lives too are compromised with uncommitted live in relationships and adultery to the detriment of the future of the children. In streets and communities, people get on each other's nerves because respect for others are not observed. Even in the realm of faith, we too sacrifice our service to God by making Church irrelevant.

The Lord in the gospel gives the sternest warning to us who fear men and not Him, "Don't fear those who can hurt the body; rather, fear the One who can hurt body and soul in hell." For the Lord is a jealous God who deserves our fullest attention; but mankind chose other concerns over him.

The Lord deserves a better quality service from his creatures. Not only that; He deserves our fullest attention because He cares. And if we know the extent of God's mercy, we wouldn't have neglected him as we do today.