The story of our lives

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle C

Call it a legacy or the story of our lives, who wouldn't want a meaningful, fulfilling life? Which do we most want to be remembered about our lives?

St. Matthew could be the best model of one who lived life to the fullest. Though he started on a wrong foot as a tax collector, he turned out to be one of the greatest apostles, evangelists, martyrs and saints of all times. All these are possible only because of the goodness of God.

God through Jesus called Matthew and he responded. If we want to live meaningfully in this world, we should heed God's call and fulfill his will. This is called vocation.

Vocation opens our world to a loving God who is the author of life. Vocation enables us to respond to his loving call to save others. Vocations opens us up to the world of mission to bring the good news and lead others to salvation.

Vocation is our way to heaven, either through the single or married life or the priestly and religous life. Whatever our life's choices our, we believe that everything will turn out for good for everyone in the world till the next. We will be proud because it is all God's work, not ours.