The Simple life

17th Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle A

Mateo 14: 44 – 52

Picture: Chapel of the Virgin of the Poo

What constitutes a simple living? Working, eating, playing, resting, studying, getting a job, getting married, having children, growing old, and dying.

Though this sounds simple, one thing is sorely lacking - one's life in God. Therefore, the simple life gets more complicated each day as man desires things endlessly.

In the gospel, Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to one who doesn't hesitate to sell everything in order to buy the lot that contains treasures, or buying the pearl of great price. Are we willing to give up everything and receive the greatest treasure of all - life in God?

If we all turn our attention to pleasing the Lord and giving life to others and others would be doing the same to us, then life would truly be simple.