18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle C
Gospel: Matt. 14, 13-21

The theme for today’s gospel is food, food sustains life.

That fact is that 62% of the Filipinos are suffering nationwide for lack of food. According to the WB-IMF, the main cause of this problem is not economic but political. Corruption and greed are causing our people to suffer.

Better heed to the Lord’s example as he gives food to the multitude. There are 4 aspects toward having food:

Offer – the Lord cannot consecrate unless there is something offered. This is checking on man’s capacity to give.

Give thanks – every resource comes from God. To thank God is to acknowledge that all gifts and blessings come from him.

Break – to be broken entails sacrifice. No life can be attained unless one breaks himself from his own shackle of selfishness.

Give – Just as we have received, we give. Generosity is the key to life. The rich will give to the poor. The poor will give back to others as a sign of thanksgiving. And God will reign in the hearts of everyone.