Catholicism: faith and action

26th Sunday, cycle A
Gospel: Matthew 21:28 - 32
Photo courtesy of: holycards wordpress

Ever wonder why despite the Philippines having 80% Catholics, it is infested with corruption and greed?

Do we just accept this fact without question or would we challenge the depth and maturity of the faith we profess? The Lord challenges the way we live out our faith toward one that is dynamic, self-offering, and concerned with the salvation of peoples, not one that is totally empty and useless.

The 2nd Plenary Council of the Philippines recommends 3 foundations for a deep, lasting, and fruitful faith - one that is enlivened by liturgy, deepened by Catechesis, and concretely manifested through social apostolate. Lose one and the tripod is imbalanced. Emphasize one over the other and extremism occurs.

It's time that we realize the beauty and grandeur of the faith and see it manifested in life.