24th Sunday in ordinary time

Cycle A

Gospel: MATTHEW 18 : 21 - 35

Photo courtesy of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

As far as I know, there is no religion as intense as ours when it comes to teaching about forgiveness. Its very basis is Jesus himself, God humbled who carried within Himself the very message of forgiveness and lived it till the cross. As God has forgiven us, so too must we forgive one another.

The next task is how to forgive. Genuine forgiveness could only be possible if we have a strong attachment to following the Lord, no more, no less. To possess his loving and forgiving heart is the very essence of being Christians.

The second step is commit ourselves to travel toward the path of forgiveness no matter what the costs are. The process may be hard, the healing painful, but it will redound to a greater good, the forgivenss of the other.

Third step is thanksgiving. The world accustomed to violence shall now rejoice and celebrate life because there is healing and forgiveness.