Overwhelming generosity

25th Sunday in ordinary time,
Cycle A,
Reading: MATTHEW 20 : 1 - 16,
Photo courtesy of: Wikipedia

Man's point of view would reveal that the employer was unjust for not giving the equivalent compensation. However, Jesus is pointing out another reality - God's point of view.

God's message is not justice as we know it, but generosity. He decides to give to others as he pleases. It is his will that is at work. Morever, the salary is symbolical - whether big or small, it's effect is the same - we all receive the fruits of everlasting life. Finally, it is a question of our response to God's call - what time of our lives will we respond to serving the Lord - at the 3rd hour, sixth hour, or ninth hour? If we happen to respond at the 11th hour, it all depends on the generosity of the Lord to grant us what we deserve. But let our service be now, not later.