God's kingdom

28th Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle A

It seems that we're giving the kingdom of God a hard competition with our own "kingdoms". I am referring to the the small worlds that we have created for ourselves - our own home, our jobs, our families, our lives. We are filled with our kingdoms that we don't have any time to dedicate ourselves at the service of God's kingdom.

The kingdom of God cannot be compared with our kingdoms. But let us give more time and priority to God's kingdom rather than our own. For one thing, in our own kingdoms, only us survive; but in God's kingdom, everyone survives; everyone lives. Secondly, our kingdoms do not reach up to heaven after our lives here on earth end; but God's kingdom continues till eternity.

We need to invest in the kingship of God; further delaying it will make matters worse for everyone as we're already experiencing today - a world where people turned selfish, greedy, and self-service. Only God's kingship can help us open our worlds to real progress - through generosity and love.