Dedication of a Church

9 November 2008
John 2:13-22

The basilica of St. John Lateran is the oldest cathedral of the bishop of Rome which is the Pope himself. Built during the time of Constantine during 324, a time of peace and end to Christian persecution, he ordered that basilicas be constructed to honor Saints Peter, Paul, and the Christian martyrs.

The gospel portrays the proper relationship between the Church and our faith. The Church as an edifice is built on holy grounds; it is the dwelling place of the Lord. It mirrors the grandeur and holiness of God.

But the Church also mirrors the people who build it. In a community where a Church is built, the people make up the Church. It is their love and unity that builds the church that takes time and a lot of sacrifices to be built. It is the symbol of the people's faith. Thus, it coincides with the process of "being church", that very act by which each one commits to helping one another and inspiring one another to live in accordance with God's will.