The warmth of Christmas

1st Sunday of Advent
Cycle B
Gospel: MARK 13 : 32 - 37
Photo courtesy of Dubai Chronicles

No matter how many Christmases we celebrate, we will always find something special about it. This time each year, we always find something in the mall to buy, a gift to wrap, and different reactions of those we give the gifts to.

On the other hand, there are those who suffer loneliness and pain in this time of warmth and love.

The reality of Christmas is Christ himself coming to our world to bring us love and peace. He did it by totally embracing our humanity and bringing new meaning to our lives. The gifts that we give and the decorations we use will always be the symbols of that spirit of giving Christ is for us. Without Him, our Christmas would be totally empty.

As we prepare for these days for the coming of Christmas, let us always remember to tackle the most important thing: not just the gifts and the food and the new things we'll buy at the store. Maybe, this eve could really be special if once and for all, we will make this firm commitment to let God be incarnated in our lives and touch us and mold us to touch others with His love.