Day 2: Simbang Gabi - God's family

Day 2, Simbang gabi
Gospel: Matthew 1:1-17
Photo courtesy of Men's ministry of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Have you ever realized the importance of a family tree? I have. One time, the Reyes clan from Kalibo made an extensive research to trace all relatives up to five generations or more. I was amazed to meet some distant relatives during our last family reunion. We numbered more than we could ever imagine!

Because of the extensive research made to search all relatives, it gave me a sense of pride to discover how I am related to well-known personalities. More importantly, I am consoled to see how goodness and greatness can be passed on from generation to generation. In our family tree, I just discovered that there is a pattern of men becoming priests in different generations!

A family tree also presents an opportunity for healing and for understanding one’s dynamics. It is claimed that some sort of “original sin” is being passed from one generation to the next – physical, psychological, or social. For instance, if there’s a history of heart ailments in the family, then we should learn to take care of our health. Or if we discover that there are deep-seated hurts among family members and relatives, we should learn from these experiences and be careful not pass them to the next generation.

But still, the best advantage of knowing the family tree is when you see the whole picture – goodness far surpassed evilness, every name is valued, every person is fondly remembered - a consoling picture that the clan continues to be richly blessed with the goodness of God.

As the genealogy of Jesus is presented in today's gospel, may we be proud of our faith passed on to us since the time Abraham. Secondly, may we also be eternally proud of Jesus who shares with us the gift of joining God's glorious family.

May our history be guided constantly by Him to our ultimate goal.