Day 4, Simbang Gabi - the consequences of doubting

Gospel: Luke 1:5-25

It may seem that Zechariah and Mary gave the same responses. In Mary's case, she questioned, "How could this be since I don't know man?" In Zechariah's case, he asked, "How could this be since we are old and my wife is barren?"

The difference is in the motive behind the question. For Mary, it is an innocent question since she totally dedicated herself to God, while with Zechariah, it is a matter of practical reality.

And so let us reflect on what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. First, it is to acknowledge that in everything we do, in all things happening in this world, God is always at work. This is to discern Secondly, that God means well. And third, he asks for our participation.

These will free us from our enslavement to sin which causes us to be mute in this this world when it comes to renouncing evil. Our silent fear will turn to prophetic proclamation of the truth.