Day 5, simbang gabi - Mary's Fiat

Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

We are following so closely the indwelling of the Holy Spirit through the incarnation of Jesus Christ in Mama Mary's Annunciation. There are no more doubts like Zechariah; nor there are second thoughts like Joseph. There is nothing else except pure love - love from the Father and love from His creation - Mary's beautiful response of fiat.

We all claim to have loved. But how far will that love go? What are the components of true love? The components of true love are as follows: first, there has to be a solid commitment to identify and be linked with the beloved for life. Mary loved the Lord so much she desired to please Him all through her life. Secondly, there has to be the element of trusting the Almighty totally, unreservedly. Third, there has to be total willingness to be molded according to His will.

The result is tremendous, the incarnation of the Lord. Also, the result is ecclesiological, it signaled the birth of the Church, the real followers of Jesus Christ, spearheaded by Mary.